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The MAHO machining centers are products of MAHO AG Pfronten, which supplies CNC universal milling machines and universal machining centers which operate within a machining range of 600 to 3,400 mm and is represented in four of our six milling product lines. The milling machines and machining centers are universal both a) in respect of horizontal and vertical 5-sided and 5-axis integrated machining by one machine, and b) in respect of the modular machine design from various lines of product and their technological solutions in the hardware and software field. A wide range of technologies and equipment variations, such as 5-axis simultaneous machining, milling and turning by one machine or high-speed cutting, complement the features of the basic machines. In large part they are equipped with CNC 432, which was developed together with PHILIPS, and CNC 532 control systems. The cheaper modifications are vested with Heidenhain control systems CNC 232, and 233. The type series of the MAHO machines starts with MH 400 (the number stands for the size of the y-axis) and ends up with MH 1200 for milling machines and MC or MAHO MAT for machining centers.


We provide complete service for MAHO machines after year of construction 1994:


  • Spare parts delivery for all MAHO machine types
  • Universal mills and drills
  • Universal mills and drills type T, E and C
  • CNC universal mills and drills
  • CNC universal mills and drills with automatic tool exchange
  • CNC universal mills and drills with automatic tool exchange for horizontal and vertical 5-sided and 5-axis integrated machining
  • Vertical machining centers
  • Horizontal machining centers
  • Universal milling machines type S

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